Kidzworkshop2 Art Camp, 9:00-12:00, $375 weekly, Age 4-12

Taught by instructors with MFA.


Printmaking Lab for kids (6/25-6/29)

Discover the amazing Gelli plate a revolutionary printing surface that makes it easy to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind artwork with amazing colors and textures. Students will learn how to use gelatin printing to create stunning layered prints, pages for art journals, fabric for quilting, greeting cards, and much more.

Gelatin printing is the perfect medium for beginners and experts alike.

Drawing and Watercolor Lab for kids (7/9-7/13)

Daily studies incorporate a classical approach to drawing and watercolor painting. Students learn to “see,” as an artist, becoming versatile and self critical. Studio work will be comprised of lessons based on still life, portraiture, architecture, animal, and landscapes.  Learn the fundamentals of watercolor painting. Students will learn to blend and create unique palettes as well as exploring the effect you can achieve with different techniques in watercolor.

3D Art lab for kids (7/16-20)

Three-dimensional art is bold, tactile, and fun—in other words, perfect for children who love to explore and think outside of box. Students will lead to create artist inspired projects in using many different types of materials to express their own unique in multiple platforms in art.

Acrylic Canvas Painting Lab for kids (7/23-7/27)

Learn Acrylic Painting through step by step instructions. You will learn how to paint and have a lot of fun in the process. Learn, explore and master important painting techniques such as color mixing, color value, composition, glazing, brushwork, paint application, texture and more. Students will take home finished canvas paintings each day.

Clay Lab for kids (7/30-8/3)

Come get your hands dirty! Students will work creatively, and thinking three dimensionally. We will focus on kid-friendly clays—air-dry and polymer–that are safe and easy to use.

This is extremely important crafting medium. When creating with clay, students are introduced to a wide range of cognitive and manual skills: they’ll work three-dimensionally; and decorate with paints.


Summer Studio Regular Art Lessons




























(We are continuing to offer regular studio art lessons in the summer)9-6pm (Mon–Fri), Saturdays 9-1p,