KidzWorkshop2 helps to develop, nurture and strengthen the creativity in the growing minds of our children. We encourage each child to build and cultivate their own self-expression, self-esteem and their individuality through the arts, design and technology. We offer a variety art and design lessons to students in Preschoolers to adults, with classes in Fine Arts, Lego Workshop to Computer Graphics studies.
We believe that EQ(Emotional Intelligence) is more important than IQ(Intelligence Quotient) and developing and nurturing the right brain has been essential for promoting children to grow into their talents, and use different ways to express themselves throughout their lives. A child that studies art can apply the knowledge to any career that they choose later in life.
In our studio, students are encouraged to challenge themselves and explore their imagination to create art through a variety of media. We strive to develop skills such as Fine Art, with painting and drawing, art appreciation and these skills can also be used to develop strong Computer Art, and 3D media in our curriculum. All lessons are customized to individual students’ strength, skill levels and interests in a studio environment.
(8th & Bellevue Way, Across from. Bellevue Square Mall)