Here at KidzWorkshop2, we believe the artistic medium is like a muscle. It must be built and cultivated in order to cohesively function with the rest of the consciousness, because an unbalanced mind is an unhealthy mind. We encourage our students from all different backgrounds and walks of life to be confident in their art, and to not be complacent in their self-expression, uniqueness, and individuality. At our studio, students are encouraged to set high standards for themselves, while exploring their imagination to create something out of nothing, through art.

Our studio offers a wide variety of platforms for which our students can excel from that are specifically designed with the student in mind. From the Fine Arts all the way to Computer Graphics & 3D Media, we at KidzWorkshop2 believe in teaching across the artistic spectrum in order to grow the entirety of the minds of our students. Your ingenuity is our curriculum.

We believe that by exploring the artistic world with our students, we are not just teaching mechanical skills but we are also instilling important life lessons that students can apply wherever they go. At KidzWorkshop2 we believe that by applying and investing oneself in the arts, students will be able to lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Stella Cha, Director, New York University, Masters of Arts, Art Center College of Design, BFA.

Rachel Mack, Instructor, San Francisco Institute of the Arts, Masters of Fine Art

Tabitha Brown, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Masters of Fine Arts